April is Genocide Awareness Month

Many of us have heard stories of genocide in history class or the news.  Maybe you’ve seen the movie Hotel Rwanda, learned about the Nazi’s massacre of Jews in World War II, or heard George Clooney speaking out against mass killings in Darfur. No matter where or how you have heard about genocide, it remains difficult to talk about and hard to comprehend how such devastating mass violence can occur around the globe.

The Red Cross has taken the bold action to talk about and raise awareness on genocide, designating this April Genocide Awareness Month. Throughout the next few weeks and during the month of April the Rhode Island Red Cross will be raising awareness on genocide and sharing stories of survivors.  We will also be letting people know how the Red Cross and Global Red Crescent have connected thousands of family members separated by violence and conflict through its Restoring Family Links program. Red Cross staff and volunteers have connected survivors of the Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide, and conflict in the Balkans through this program.

Join us in this tough discussion over the next two months with the hope of raising awareness on genocide, sparking discussions on how to prevent future mass violence, and also helping genocide survivors across the globe!

We’ll leave you with some links to learn more about what genocide is and when it has happened in the past.

United Nations definition of genocide

Learn about the Rwandan Genocide

Read about the Bosnian Genocide

Learn about the Holocaust


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