Rhode Island Red Cross Welcomes New Executive Director

We are excited to share, the American Red Cross Rhode Island Chapter has appointed Susan Roberts as Executive Director.

In her role as Executive Director, Susan will be working with the Red Cross Rhode Island Board of Directors to help build relationships and partnerships in the community. In addition, Susan will be working with key stakeholder groups to help grow and advance the mission of the Red Cross.

Susan comes to the Red Cross from the American Cancer Society where she was the

Susan Roberts
Susan Roberts, Executive Director, American Red Cross Rhode Island Chapter.

Rhode Island State Director of Government Relations and Advocacy. During her seventeen years at the American Cancer Society, Susan worked with Congress, state legislatures, and local jurisdictions advocating for government policy and legislation to eliminate cancer as a major health issue.

Susan grew up in Indiana, where she graduated from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. She has always felt compelled to assist in her community in an effort to improve life for all. Susan began her community work as a legislative liaison for the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana. She was drawn into advocating for cancer patients and changing public policy regarding treatment protocols when she saw a discrepancy in the level of care patients received as a result of poor insurance.  Before moving to Rhode Island from Pennsylvania, Susan received a Commendation from the Governor for her leadership in the development of the first-ever State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan.

Susan is the mother of two grown children and currently resides in the Warwick area.

Susan can be reached by emailing: susan.roberts3@redcross.org


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