How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

By: Carolyn Shefcyk, American Red Cross

Summer is here! Now is the time for relaxing out on the porch, smelling the sizzle of barbecue on the grill, and listening to the waves rolling along the beach. Unfortunately, with summer comes the Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane season technically starts in spring, spanning from June 1 all the way to November 30, long after we pack up our beach gear for the fall. However, the peak of the season is yet to come, beginning in mid-August and ending in late October.

We have all either seen on TV or experienced the sheer power of a hurricane. These large storms develop over sea and sweep inland, bringing in high wind gusts that can down trees and sever power lines, dangerous rip tides, floods, and tornadoes. Even a category 1 storm, the lowest on a scale of 5, can still cause significant damage to homes and leave residents without power.

Even though it is tempting to cross our fingers and hope a hurricane doesn’t develop near us, our best defense is to be prepared in advance. Here are some tips for you and your family.

Be Red Cross Ready:

  • Put together an emergency kit with everything you need to take with you in case of evacuation
  • Make an evacuation plan for your family, including your pets
  • Learn more about your community’s risk and response plans
  • Stay in contact with your family through the Safe and Well website
  • Download our Emergency App for iPhone or Android
  • If you or a loved one has a disability, create an evacuation plan that not only includes your family, but caregivers as well

To learn more about what to do if a hurricane hits and how to recover, visit our website.


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